ACE ACCO is a cloud-based accounting solution that is suitable for industrial and business enterprises. It was designed for enterprise-size organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, services, trading, and etc. ACE ACCO provides real-time financial and operational insights as it offers a broad range of accounting functionalities such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other features and can be interfaced with your existing legacy systems either in batch or real time upon your legacy requirements.

1. Fast Deployment with Interface Capability
to your Legacy Systems

  • ACE ACCO was designed to achieve fast implementation and deployment time.
  • ACE ACCO comes with interface capability that helps link ACE system to your legacy systems either in batch or by real-time.

2. Total Accounting Solutions

ACE ACCO is fully equipped with comprehensive enterprise-class accounting functionalities

Total Accounting Solutions
  • Wide range types of payment and collection (e.g. invoicing, billing, expense payment, etc.) are supported in the system with automatic GL posting
  • Support multiple types of GL Posting and enable you to configure as per your company accounting policy
  • Be able to define special general ledger accounts to keep track or provide deeper detail information without creating additional account codes
  • Be able to provide profit & loss statement for each business unit based on defined cost and profit centers.
  • Be able to perform cost allocation to pre-configured cost center either automatically done by system or manually defined by users
  • Allow you to see draft version of your financial statement before actual GL posting.
  • Support real time GL posting that immediately reflects in your draft profit & loss statement
  • Enable you to reconcile your financial transactions against your bank statement.

3. Easy and Simple with Personalization

acco screen pic (1)
  • ACE ACCO is user friendly with familiar and intuitive web browser interface. With access right control, only authorized features and functions are shown.

  • Interface architecture is designed around users to easily navigate and use with most important things organized in the main panel such as “Work List” or “Release” which is for pending-for-approval transactions that are consolidated in one single location.

  • Other capabilities such as personalize interface for quickly access frequently used reports or information, or powerful search engine using only simple pre-defined key words.

4. Traceability and Manageability in your Hands

acco screen pic (2)
  • ACE ACCO was designed based on underlying business management workflow, allowing ability to track tasks progress in each process step

  • Capable of end-to-end tracking from upstream to downstream transactions i.e. purchase order, to inbound delivery, to account payable, and drill down to payment voucher

  • Ability to attach related physical scanned documents into the system for reference and easy to search and use

  • Comprehensive role and authorization, which can be done at detail task level of a business process

5. Analytic and Reporting

Experience comprehensive and most updated overview of your company in just a click.

  • Key metrics are readily available for management on “KPI Dashboard” to provide
    most updated overview of the company.

  • “Work Chart” functionality helps management track all pending tasks in each process for speed up and debottleneck process

  • Come with various accounting reports e.g. Trail Balance and Ledger Account in different formats. In addition, Balance sheet as well as profit and loss report can be configured to include special ledger into the report to provide insight and detail of the financial statement

  • Accounting reports by business unit are also available in the system e.g. Profit & Loss, Trail Balance and Ledger Account by business unit.

  • ACE ACCO supports automatic standard tax form and reports e.g. PND3, PND53, VAT Submission Form.

6. On the Cloud

on the cloud
  • ACE ACCO is designed based on cloud technology, which increases agility for your business. With web-based technology, ACE ACCO enables you to manage and operate your business anywhere and anytime.
  • ACE ACCO allows you to really focus on your core businesses and competencies, while outsource complex and tedious non-core IT infrastructure maintenance.
  • This helps reduce heavy upfront investment on IT infrastructure and staff to operate and maintain. In addition, ACE ACCO offer you high flexibility that you can access as much capacity or as little as you need. You can scale up or down as required to meet your business needs depending on your growth stage.